Why Art?

Art is soul food. Making art heals, teaches, surprises, challenges, inspires, excites, calms, illuminates and connects soul to soul. That is why I do it. In the process, I hope that from time to time, when seeing my art, another might know healing, learn something, enjoy an “aha moment”, be challenged to action or change of thinking, be inspired, feel excitement, experience calm, or see beauty where they might not have noticed it before. If I’m really successful, the viewer might experience more than one of these gifts. If the viewer has even just one of these experiences, then we connect soul to soul. At that point, art is soul food for both of us.

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What People Are Saying

Jeanette, Your art is such a gift to the world.  Paint on!

Jamye Dennis

I am so proud to own many of your original pieces.  They decorate my life and bring me joy every day.  Thank you.

Michael Dallas  - http://www.michaeldallas.com

Thank you for the amazing portraits you have done of my family.  They are priceless!

Mary Elizabeth Hirsch  - http://www.outofnowhere.net